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The name HAKIM is also selected with a purpose. Apart from being an acronym of Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim, the term ‘Hakim’, which is also one of the Beautiful Names of God (al-Asma’ al-Husna), is an attribute that reflects perfection in Divine Essence and which bears its stamps in the wonderful creation of God. 


To a human being, this divine attribute of hakim, as pointed out by Imam al-Ghazali in his book Maqsad al-Athna fi Sharhi al-Asma’ al-Husna, can also be exemplified at their level in their ethical life as mentioned by the Prophetic hadith “takhallaqu bi akhlaqillah (mould yourselves following the attributes of Allah)”. 


 Hence, when the term HAKIM is chosen as acronym of our organization, it is with this purpose and definitely does not mean to place ourselves at the same level as the perfectly Wise God (al-Hakim). It is also to emphasize the paramount importance of possessing wisdom as a symbol of goodness as mentioned by the Qur’an, “Those have been given by God hikmah they are indeed being given abundant of goodness.” (wa man yu’ta al-hikmata fa qad utiya khayran kathira)



The knowledge of the right place for a thing or being.



To be a research and educational foundation of international repute that nurtures, enhances, and disseminates the true understanding and realization of the Worldview of Islam.



Right action that springs from self-discipline founded upon knowledge.



A state of being, a condition of things being in their proper places. A harmonious condition or state of affairs whereby every thing or being is in its right and proper place.


To create an Islamically-oriented civil society in the form of independent scholars, intellectuals, professionals, philanthropists, and general public with full sense of integrity and accountability who shall be involved in continual, constructive engagements with all stakeholders (including government) at various crucial levels.


To establish an independent academic and research body which shall:

1) conduct serious studies on important and serious contemporary concepts, principles, policies, issues and problems guided by the Worldview of Islam in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary manner;



2) complement the various existing Islamic institutions.

To form a well-managed resource and research center which shall:

1) gather quality research and reference materials;



2) produce quality publications.

To develop and sustain alternative integrated Islamic education system and institution spanning from kindergarten, primary and secondary school, college, and university based on the main elements of the Worldview of Islam.

Calm Sea


To conduct research and studies on the main elements of the Worldview of Islam, as well as on that worldview as an organic whole, as the basis and framework for its other aims and objectives.


To conceptualize, clarify, elaborate and define Islamic key concepts relevant to the cultural, educational, scientific and epistemological problems encountered by Muslims in the present age.


To provide an Islamic response to the intellectual and cultural challenges of the modern world, and various schools of thought, religions and ideologies.


To serve as a basic platform for the training of researchers, scholars and professionals who shall play creative roles in the restoration of Islamic civilization to its rightful place in the modern world.


To publish the results of research and studies conducted from time to time for dissemination in the Muslim World.


To establish a specialized library, mainly digital, reflecting the religious and intellectual traditions of both the Islamic and the Western civilizations as a means to attaining the above aims and objectives.


To establish a network of smart partnerships with other organizations at local, regional and international levels.


To develop and establish an education curriculum that could serve the pressing need of the contemporary challenges of the muslim ummah and muslim world as a whole.


To set up a model institutional establishment spanning from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college and university based on main elements of the Worldview of Islam.


To  train thought leaders who are deeply rooted in the proper Worldview of Islam.


logo HAKIM.png

الأدب which letter-wise forms TA’DIB’s logo is the core spirit that vitalizes its vision and mission.


The golden yellow hue (yellow signifying light while gold, high value) characterizing the word adab, forming the logo, epitomizes wisdom, true knowledge and right understanding as light illuminating human life and, as such, signifies something prominent and precious.

The repetition of the word adab, in various reflective forms, thus forming the entire logo, symbolizes:

  • the continuity of vision and mission, linking what is rooted in the Islamic Tradition to the present and further to the future; and

  • serious research and thought (which is one of the basic meanings of the word “reflection”) through and through which shall characterize TA’DIB.

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